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Home from the hospital

We are home from the hospital and I am resting in bed.  Things went smoothly and quickly, C said I was only gone about 20 minutes.  The waiting to be brought up to the OR was the longest part.  I am glad though that we were there so early, I was tired enough that I really didn’t think about being worried or nervous.  There were many others there for retrieval, as well, I think we were the fourth or fifth in line.  Finally it was my turn and up we went.  I have never had any kind of surgery before, except my wisdom teeth extracted, so i was just a little anxious.  They moved so quickly when we got up to the OR, Dr. D came into the hall to check in with me and see if I had any questions.  Then I was surrounded by nurses, anesthesiologists and whoever else is up there; they busily attached the monitors and oxygen hose.  Just before putting me under they realized it was my birthday, all wished me a happy birthday and told me that is good luck!  I said I sure hope so!   Next thing I knew I felt a little groggy, they started putting my legs in the stirrups and the last thing I remember is the end of the table dropping out from under my butt.

I came to briefly afterwards, long enough for Dr. D to tell me how many eggs they got, then I think I fell asleep again.  Next thing I knew, I was back downstairs and the person transporting me was asking the nurses what room I was supposed to be in – I held up three fingers because I had been in room three.  I got settled back in my room, the nurse got me some crackers and water right away, I asked if anyone had told C that I was back, then I glanced at my right hand.  Before the procedure Dr. D told me she would write the number of eggs on my hand, it said six just as she had told me upstairs.  I was just a tiny bit disappointed when she told me six.  While I was waiting for C to return, Dr. D called to talk to me now that I was more awake.  She told me the embryologist said all six eggs looks very good, she said she was thrilled and they would call tomorrow to let us know how many they fertilized.  I felt better after talking to her; I am going to remain positive and believe that they will fertilize all six.

Now that we have been home for a little more than an hour, I am pretty uncomfortable, actually in a little pain.  For about an hour or more afterwards it just felt like I had menstrual cramps, which was annoying but not really painful.  Now I am in some pain.  It is worse than just menstrual cramps.  I haven taken my steroid, my antibiotic, two Tylenol, had some water and ate some oatmeal.  Now I think I need to sleep and hope I feel better when I wake up.  Then to decide when to do the first PIO injection.  Oh boy.


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