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More shots!!

Well, not the best news at my checkup today, but not bad news either (unless you consider one to two more days of IM injections bad news).  When I finished the injections on day eight and again today, I announced to C, “Yea! Last ones!”  They weren’t the last ones, so I think I will keep my mouth shut tomorrow.  I have six follicles that are ready to go, ranging in size from 17-20mm.  There are at least four more that are 14-15mm, then a few more 11-12mm.   When the nurse walked in with more Menopur and Gonal-F, I said “More?”  She said she felt so bad giving it to me, like she is torturing me.  I got two days worth of meds, but they think I will just need the one.  I go back for another ultrasound tomorrow morning to see if the smaller follicles have grown.  They don’t think the 11-12mm ones will catch up, but I am going to will them to grow so we have as many to work with as possible!!  As of right now, we are still set for ER on Saturday, but if they decide tomorrow that I need one more day of stims it will get pushed to Sunday.  I asked about the ET; originally they were going to do day five ET, but now they are doing day three which means Tuesday or Wednesday.  We are a week away from this part of the process being over!!  Yea!!  Then it is just the waiting game, which I will deal with when the time comes.  I am excited and really feel the end is in sight, even with an additional day or two of stims.

So the plan again today is to take it easy, I am still really bloated and really uncomfortable.  My lower back aches and I get little twinges of pain in my ovaries from time to time.  The ultrasound hurt again, and I was in some pain for at least a half hour afterwards, but I am feeling a little better now.  I just keep telling myself my body is preparing itself for pregnancy and it is all good!  I will be here, laying on the couch, waiting for the call about my bloodwork.  Then repeat the whole process tomorrow.

**Update:  The nurse called about a half hour ago with the blood work results, it all looks good.  No more Menopur, yea!  Just the 5 IU of Lupron and 450 IU of Gonal-F tomorrow morning.  Meanwhile, I am relaxing and telling my body to grow that last group of eggs!


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The shots go on

I had my check up today, my body has made great progress (in the words of the nurse) since Saturday.  I now have four follicles on the right side and six on the left.  Yea!!  The ones on the left are still a little small, ideally they would like them to be 18-20mm, 16mm is a mature follicle.  So they gave me two more days of Gonal-F and Menopur injections, and I go back on Wednesday morning for another check.  Now I would say the earliest day for the ER will be Saturday rather than Friday.  We were kind of hoping for Friday because a) we want it to happen, b) I won’t have to miss my class on Saturday morning and c) we could do a low key birthday celebration on Saturday night (dinner and a movie).  But I would rather have everything be as perfect as possible and do it a little later, than rush it and have something go wrong.  I am feeling very optimistic that I will make great progress again over the next two days, hopefully all ten follicles will be mature and maybe there will even be a couple more.

With eight days of stims done the worst of the side effects seem to have gone away.  I have very infrequent headaches now and the nausea has gone away.  One of the effects that I have noticed recently is the bloating, I can tell that my ovaries are a little larger than normal.  I feel some pressure in that area from time to time, and this morning the ultrasound was much more uncomfortable than before.  I am also still a little tired, in fact I took a two hour nap this afternoon.  The biggest side effect for me though has been a loss of appetite.  The only time I am ever hungry is when I wake up in the morning, I have my oatmeal and juice, then sometimes feel a little sick.  Other than that, I am never hungry and nothing sounds good to me.  This has made grocery shopping and meal planning very difficult.  My poor husband feels bad every time he wants something for dinner that doesn’t sound good to me.  I told him he can eat whatever he wants and I will figure out my own dinner.  On Saturday we went shopping and at that time the plan was pasta on Saturday and a spinach salad with chicken on Sunday.  Well, Saturday night I wanted only a tiny bit of pasta because I didn’t feel well.  Sunday was really interesting, salad sounded awful to me, but certain elements of the salad sounded good.  The spinach sounded good, a little of the grilled chicken sounded good, some walnuts, a cut up apple, and a little left over tortellini.  I put little bits of each of these things on my plate and that was dinner.  I have also developed an aversion to beef, especially in a sandwich form like a steak sandwich or hamburger – thinking about it makes my stomach turn, and I LOVE hamburgers!  Meanwhile, C has been craving hamburgers.  This is not a good combination.  So tonight he is having a burger and mac & cheese for dinner, I will have the mac & cheese and maybe an apple.  This part is not fun, but maybe I will lose a couple pounds!

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Seven down!

This morning I took my 7th set of stims!  I only have enough for one more injection each of the Gonal-F and Menopur, I will take them tomorrow morning before my 7:45 appointment at the clinic.  I am hoping the rest of the follicles are the right size and maybe a few more have shown up.  I know it is good that I will have at least the two and probably five, but I was hoping for a little more.  I wanted enough so that we had two or three viable embryos to transfer this time and a few more to freeze.  But  I am thankful for what we do get, no matter what.  It is exciting to feel like the end is in sight.  I can’t wait for the appointment tomorrow and will need to find something to do all day while waiting for the phone call.  I am also curious to find out if I will continue the Lupron beyond tomorrow or what.  I told the nurse on Saturday that I only had enough of the Gonal-F and Menopur to get me through Monday and she said that is fine.  I asked if I would be adding the Ganirelex or the Luveris, she said no the Lupron takes care of those two.  I am a little confused because I thought I would be staking the stims and the Lupron right up until I take the HCG injection, but sounds like that is not the case.  If they do the ER on Saturday, that means I will take the HCG on Thursday; that is two or three days without the stims.  I am going to trust they know what they are talking about, as they are the experts not me.   Looking forward to my last IM shots tomorrow!!  (At least until I start the PIO)

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A busy few days

I had a busy end to the week, it was a good end to the week.

Thursday:  I am officially a student again with my own ID to prove it.  It was an interesting experience to go down to the school to take care of a few things and get my ID.  It is an art school in the heart of the city and it is teeming with the stereotypical art student (which seems like an oxymoron since there is nothing “typical” about them).  There I was in my khaki pants and cashmere sweater, looking like a soccer mom at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert.  But I am excited about the class and figure as it is an adult continuing studies course in Interior Architecture, there will more people who look like me than look like the rest of the very young looking students.  C came back from NYC tonight, glad to have him back home.  Now he can watch me do my injections instead of just being on the phone for them.

Friday:  This was a long day!  I got up at 2:00 AM to watch Chicago’s final Olympic bid.  I was so excited!!!  I brought my pillow out to the couch and laid down to watch.  It was fun to see and I learned so much about the Olympic bid process during this run for Chicago (I LOVE the Olympics).  I fell asleep on the couch about 4:30 and crawled back into bed at 5:00 when C got up.  I only slept for an hour or so before I had to get up and do my injections.  They went smoothly, I haven’t had any major bleeders since day two.  I then crawled back into bed hoping to sleep for a couple hours.  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Finally I just got up and took a shower and waited for the Olympic voting to start.  It was so exciting and I debated rushing downtown to be a part of the crowd anxiously awaiting the results.  I am glad I didn’t go.  It was shocking and very disappointing when they were knocked out in the first round of voting.  They were expected to have a very close race with Rio for the bid, oh well.  I am very happy for Rio, it would have been very exciting to have the Olympics in Chicago, but Rio deserves it.  After that was all over, I ran a couple errands and hoped to come home to take a nap.  The nap never happened.   Oh well!

Saturday:  This is the big day!  Our appointment at the clinic was at 8:15 and then I had to rush downtown to class.  I got up at 6:00, took my shower and got my injections ready.  They went smoothly again, I only have enough for two more days so hopefully they will tell me all looks good at the clinic.  This was the first Saturday appointment I have had and it was interesting knowing all of the other women/couples there were about to go through the ER and ET in this next week or so.  They took my blood first, I was so glad Marilyn was the one doing it!  I didn’t even feel the needle go in, she is good!  The thought did cross my mind though, is there another procedure that requires as many needle pricks as this?  You can see all of the little dots on my backside from each injection.  It is starting to look like I sat on a bed of nails.  The ultrasound was quick and I was excited to hear the results.  They were good, but I was hoping for a little better.  There were two follicles on the right side that were already 11mm, exactly where they want them, and maybe five more on both sides that were still a little too small.  But the nurse said that can change very quickly and  if the numbers were really high when they got my bloodwork back she wanted me back on Sunday, otherwise I would go back on Monday morning.  We asked about possible retrieval date, she said at the earliest it would be the 9th but most likely the 10th (my birthday! We started the Lupron on my husband’s birthday – good signs I hope!)  Then they would probably do the ET on the 13th.  It was not bad news at all, so off I went to class.  I enjoyed the class and it was great to have something to do for three hours waiting for the call from the nurse.   By the time I got home it was almost 2:00 and they usually call around 2:30.  The phone rang, all is good with the blood and she would see me Monday morning.   Yea!!  I can see the end of the road!

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Ouch & oh no!

So I got up at 6:30 this morning to get my injections ready, that all went smoothly today.  I started with the Lupron injection again, I know it might make sense to save the easiest for last, but once I get the two IMs done, I just want to be done.  The Lupron went well, I feel like an old pro at that one by now.  Then I did the Gonal-F, no problem (again, very thankful for the ice pack!), now time for the Menopur.  It went in without a problem, I pulled back on the plunger a little, I saw no blood, so I started to push it in.  Man did it hurt!!  I pushed through the pain and finished the injection and pulled out the syringe.  The blood came a gushing!  I was able to get it stopped fairly quickly, but it had bled quite a bit.  Then I noticed in the syringe a little blood, I couldn’t see it when I had the syringe stuck in my backside!  My immediate thought was “Oh no!”  I must have gone through a vein!  What is going to happen?  I realized I can’t be the only person who has ever done this, I was able to stop the bleeding fairly easily, if I am not feeling some immediate bad effects I think I will be OK.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I am definitely more sore today because of that oops, and got an instant bruise.  A few times I have felt a little woozy and a little nauseous, but I still walked the dog and went to the grocery store, so I think I am OK.  I will definitely be a lot more careful from now on and probably have a hand mirror handy too (instead of just the wall mirror).  Hope tomorrow goes better than today!

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