Here we go again

So, the decision has been made and we are going with donor eggs.  I met with our RE and he said he has no problem with my eggs, he would use my eggs again if we want (we got 15 when we went through out first IVF with him and my hormone levels are all still good), but he had to admit that after three miscarriages our chances were much better with the donor eggs.  If money were no object, we would keep trying with my eggs, but this may be our last chance so we are going for our best shot.  Coming to this decision was not easy, but there were factors that made it the right decision for us.  I always knew I wanted to experience pregnancy, it was important to me.  My husband was a big factor in this decision as well, firstly he has heard too many adoption horror stories so he is set against it (I would have been open to it, but he just isn’t comfortable with it); secondly he is the last person on his mom’s side of the family and he has a half brother that we aren’t sure will ever have children, so it felt important to me to be able to carry his genetic line on.  Donor eggs it is.

The day after I met with Dr. S, we went back to meet with the donor coordinator, she was able to answer questions about the process and told us she had a donor in mind for us.  It was a lot of info to take in, so we went home to go through the donor list and sit with the decision.  That all happened on a Friday, by Sunday night we had narrowed it down to 3 and ranked them.  Then it all moved very quickly.  That Monday we found out our top choice had just gone through a cycle that had  resulted in a chemical pregnancy, that was enough to scare us off of her.  She was number one on my list with no one else close to her in my mind, so it was hard at first to let go of her.  Then I sat and really thought about what was important to me, the most important was having a baby, that made it easier to let her go and I realized our second choice donor was a great choice.  There was nothing about her that should have made her number two.  We let the clinic know our choice and scheduled the retrieval for the week of April 1st.  Now it was just a matter of getting the meds ordered and waiting for my period to come.    People told me that first step always takes the longest, then the rest comes so quickly.  So true!


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