It snowed here today.  Not anything that stuck around or made it a nuisance to drive, just the soft flakes slowly floating to the ground.  The kind that when you look out the window, you think ‘how pretty’.  Fall is my favorite season, but I do look forward to the first snows of the season.  The dog and I went for a walk while it was coming down a little heavier, her brown fur was speckled with little white dots.  She loves the snow so I was glad we were able to be out in it for a little while.  The cat wanted to follow us outside, but I don’t think he would have appreciated the cold or the damp fur from the snow, besides he is an indoor cat.   (He is snoring away near me right now, sleeping on the back of the couch under the warmth of the lamp.)

While Fall is my favorite season, my truly favorite time of year is Christmas time.  It fills me with so much joy!  I love all the preparations for the holidays, the decorating, shopping for and wrapping gifts, all the baking (and I do A LOT of baking), and getting to spend quality time with my loved ones.   While sitting in the living room at night alone this week (C is in NYC), I decided it is definitely time to decorate!  I need that warm glow of the lights coming off of the tree.  So, I think tomorrow evening C and I will be venturing out to choose our Christmas tree.  We said we were going to get a small one this year, in part to save money and in part to make life a little easier.  We will see when we get to the nursery what happens, I can’t help but want the biggest tree that will fit in the room!  I will try to restrain myself.  I even wrapped some presents today, I actually have most of my shopping done, at least for my side of the family.  We need to work on C’s side, we always have a much harder time coming up with gifts for them.  We are trying to keep the holiday costs down this year and I am doing very well so far!  The IVF came in handy to help out with that.  I earned a lot of reward points on my credit card by using it to pay for the procedure and medication, so I have successfully shopped for my nieces, nephew and grandparents and only spent $15.  If it didn’t result in a baby, at least it was good for something.

Some news on the IF front, we have our follow-up appointment with Dr. D tomorrow morning (finally!).  A few weeks ago when I made the appointment I had all kinds of questions for her, but now after spending the last few weeks focusing on everything except IF, I have forgotten most of them.  I guess I should have written them down.  C and I plan to brainstorm tonight to come up with more than the one I can remember.  If any of you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it!


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    egghunt said,

    The important thing for me when I went to a review appointment was that my Doctor always seemed to have a new plan of attack. I liked the fact that he had other protocols for us to try. And he took my concerns of what I percieved to be problems (and they often ended up not being problems by the way!) very seriously. And I always went there with a list a mile long of questions cause my one on one time with my specialist is so limited that I had to milk it for all it was worth. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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    egghunt said,

    PS – forgot to say, congrats on getting most of your xmas shopping done! You are very organised!! And all for $15!! who would ever have thought that IVF would help you save money at christmas time!

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    Hope Springs said,

    That’s a smart move, paying for IVF on a credit card that gives you reward points – I wish we’d thought of that! I worked out last night that we can do quite a lot of our Christmas shopping in the January sales, as all of my family (except for DH and me) will be out of the country for Christmas, so we’re having our family celebration at Epiphany instead. So we really only have DH’s family and my godchildren still to shop for before Christmas.

    Good luck with your appointment. I found that once we got into our follow-up appointment, all I really wanted to know was whether the consultant thought it was worth trying again, whether it would help to change anything next time round, and how soon we could start. We did also find out the grade of our embryos, which we hadn’t been told before, but everything else was just detail.

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    sonja said,

    I am impressed with your thrifty Christmas shopping! I am always looking for ways to save money, but you have topped me for sure! You’re so lucky that it snowed … I feel like an early snow always kicks off the Christmas season right. I hope your decorating and Christmas tree picking goes well and you have a really fun time.

    As for your appointment, I agree with Hope Springs about trying to get all the details about your embryo quality (even the day-to-day quality is useful because it can change a lot) and what your options are for the next step. If they want to do everything exactly the same the next time, I like to ask for specific reasons why. I am a big fan of trying something a little different each time unless there’s a strong reason not to.

    Good luck at your appointment!

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