Cramps, Tears and H1N1…Oh My!

Life is definitely not boring!  Overall I have been feeling pretty good, a little better every day.  I am still having periodic cramping, they are twinges and mostly on my left side.  Yesterday I was an emotional wreck; I was riding the hormone roller coaster I think.  I would feel content one minute, a little sad the next and crying the next.  It was not an easy day.

I was able to take it easy all day yesterday and even took the dog to go meet C at the bus stop.  The dog (Miss G) was good for me and I think she could read that I was moving slowly for a reason, so no chasing squirrels for her.  When we got to our back door, I doubled over from a bad cramp and then walked very slowly up the stairs.  After seeing this, C made the executive decision that Miss G would be going to the kennel because C was leaving for NY in the morning.  I felt so bad that she had to go that I burst into tears the second they left (crying for the 4th or 5th time that day).  When C returned from dropping her off, he told me he had good news.  He had spoken to his boss on the way home and his boss told him, there was really no need for C to go to NY this week, it was more important for him to stay here with me.  That was great news!  But I felt bad that we had taken the dog to the kennel for nothing.  We decided we would pick her up Thursday night.  That was the end of Wednesday.

Thursday got very interesting!  C went to the office as usual, and called me about 9 AM.  He said he had something to tell me and wanted me to sit down. I had no idea what he was going to say, and wouldn’t have guessed in a million years what it ended up being.  Someone in his office was diagnosed with H1N1 yesterday; C had seen him yesterday and sat at the same desk this guy had been using.  Great!!  C has been exposed, we know it is very dangerous for me to be exposed right now.  What do we do?  We laughed and joked a lot about it, because no point in panicking and adding stress.  C put in a call to Nurse A at the fertility clinic and I called our family doctor.  Nurse A called back first, she said we should limit our physical contact and if C doesn’t exhibit any symptoms, don’t worry about it.  She also warned about having me vaccinated, she said they just don’t know enough of the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women to risk it.  Our family doctor called next; she is very direct, part of why I like her, and she knows all we have gone through to try to get pregnant.  She laughed and said “Get him out of the house!”  She said she is not worried about him, she is worried about me; under no circumstances can I risk getting sick.  She told me to watch for a fever, and C and I should spend a couple days apart.   The decision was made, C would get a hotel room downtown near his office, luckily he has enough reward points from his travels to cover the room.  He was supposed to be in NY anyway, so it will just be like he is there.  I guess there was a reason the dog was sent to the kennel last night!  I packed a bag of C’s stuff and drove it downtown; I got lucky enough to get stopped at a red light in front of his office so he just opened the car door, grabbed his bag and blew me a kiss good bye.  So now the cat and I are now sitting at home with no dog and no C.  What a strange day!


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  1. 1

    C said,

    I feel like a leaper. Such a glamorous life.

  2. 2

    C said,

    And you forgot to mention the chocolate shake…

  3. 3

    ML said,

    Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any weirder!

  4. 4

    egghunt said,

    that was really entertaining to read, what chaos! But hey, anything that sucks up time in the 2ww is a bonus as the last thing you want is time to drag on and you to be left sitting around with nothing but your menstrual cycle to think about!! Hope your cat is looking after you, mine always seems to know when I need affection.

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