Transfer Update

We have been home for about an hour from the hospital.  I love how you spend 2 1/2 hours at the hospital for a 15 minute procedure.   I have three teeny tiny little embryos in my uterus, hopefully at least one of them is starting to attach!  Of the six fertilized eggs, only three were viable embryos; one never split, two of them only split into two cells then stopped growing, and three that were somewhere between the four to eight cells they want at day three.  The three they implanted were four cells, five cells and six cells, all of them rated A.  Yea!!!!  While I am disappointed that we didn’t have any left to freeze, I am so excited that we had three A rated embryos to put in their new home!  It was kind of neat to watch the process, the only really uncomfortable part was having a full bladder and then the ultrasound wand (or whatever it is called) pushing down on that full bladder.  Otherwise it was not so bad, but I still couldn’t relax and could feel my leg trembling.   I was excited and nervous at the same time, this was it, now it is up to my body to do its work.  We have a photo of our tiny embryos in my uterus, all you can really see is the fluid around them, but it is still exciting.  When Dr. D asked if I wanted a picture, I wanted to ask her if anyone ever says no.  I am feeling pretty good, periodic cramping, but not severe.  I plan to lay around for the rest of the day and let C wait on me.  I can’t believe we made it here!!  It has been a good morning!


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    Simple said,

    Hi – just found your blog and am wishing you lots of luck! Just from reading your most recent posts, it seems we think alot alike so that’s very cool, right? 🙂 Stick embies stick!!!!

  2. 3

    myndful said,

    Sending tons of positive thoughts your way! How exciting to finally have your babies inside, searching for the perfect home. Congrats and good luck. I am just so excited for you, I don’t even know what to say!

  3. 5

    egghunt said,

    Oh I’m so pleased you have your embies tucked up safely inside, awesome news. Do you mind me asking what made them decide to transfer 3 embryos? Was it your choice or did the clinic decide that for you?. Just seems like not many clinics transfer 3 on your first IVF. Sorry, you probably don’t feel like answering questions right now but anyways, I’m thinking of you and hope you have lots of distracting stuff planned for the 2ww!
    PS – don’t be too dissapointed about not having any to freeze, its actually suprisingly common to not have any spares. I think my clinic said that only about half of the patients have some left over to freeze. Anyway, you won’t need any frozens cause you are going to get 1 healthy (or two, or three!) baby/ies from this cycle 🙂

  4. 6

    I don’t mind the questions at all! The clinic made the decision, they had always told me they would do 2-3 mostly because of my age (I am 39). Stupid me never thinks to ask why at the time, so I didn’t. I made the assumption, after the fact, that since we only had 3 that were viable, they did all 3 (why freeze just one?). The doctor is optimistic, but then again she always has been (she probably has to be, huh?)
    I want to thank you for your kind words, they have meant a lot to me. I didn’t realize how much I needed the support that the blogosphere ha provided me.

  5. 7

    ML said,

    Holding all five of you in light and love. I like the new blog look, too. Feels positive and sunny!

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