Tomorrow is the next step

The embryologist called yesterday afternoon, all six eggs were mature and all six fertilized.  I am thrilled, it is fantastic news!  But I find myself not feeling as excited as I should, I am being very cautiously optimistic.  I am a little worried that so much can still go wrong.  I am a little bit of a control freak, and at this point it is out of my control.  I am taking my PIO shots as I should, taking the antibiotics and steroid as prescribed, taking it easy (except today).  But when taking the Lupron and stims you feel more a sense of control.  As long as you are taking those as prescribed, you feel like things should go well; even though you don’t have any more control over your follicles growing than you do the embryos developing in the petri dish. So before tomorrow I need an attitude adjustment.  I am very excited we have six fertilized eggs, I am going to believe that all six have developed well over the last few days and trust that one of those tiny little things will implant in my uterus.  I am positive!

I was reading my post-transfer instructions tonight; “You may experience increased bloating, abdominal pain and/or cramping over the following week.”   Great!!!  The post retrieval instructions said I would have mild cramping – I was in excruciating pain!  So now I am nervous about how I am going to feel after tomorrow.  I had to call  the on call nurse on Saturday night because I was worried I was in more pain than I should have been.  She called in a Tylenol 3 prescription for me, but said I shouldn’t worry about it.  The Tylenol 3 didn’t help with the pain at all, but I was at least able to get some sleep.  Yesterday I felt better, but would have periodic sharp pains.  Unfortunately I think being constipated contributed to that (sorry if that is TMI), I am drinking Metamucil like it is going out of style!  I did feel better today though!

Since I felt better today, I decided I needed to get some things done.  I think I overdid it a little, as I am a little sore now.  I figured after tomorrow, I may be a little laid up for a couple days so there were things I wanted to get done.  I needed to vacuum, clean the litterbox (since I won’t be able to do that after tomorrow), clean out the fridge, run to the grocery store; that was too much.  The grocery store was necessary, I wanted to cook something that we could eat for a couple days and was tired of C and I not having an actual meal together, since my appetite was shot by the stims that stopped happening for awhile.  The cleaning leads back to me being a bit of a control freak, I have set up our household so C really doesn’t have to do anything but take out the trash and recycling.  I admit, I like things done a certain way and since I have been out of work, it is just easier for me to do all the cleaning.  Well, I told C tonight he was going to have to pick up some slack on the housework.  He said he would and was sorry he had let things go like this (not his fault at all!  I made it happen).

Even though my doctor does not prescribe to the more conservative school of thought on bedrest after transfer, I am still going to take it easy for the next couple weeks.  I do not want to look back and say I shouldn’t have done that, or should have been more careful if we get a negative result.  We talked to Dr. D about the whole bedrest thing and she said that used to be the norm, but results have shown there is no difference in success rates between those put on bedrest and those who are not.  I am still going to take it easy.

I am getting more excited and a little nervous.  Can’t wait to see my little embryos tomorrow!  I also wish luck to Myndful of Tenaciously TTC as she goes through her retrieval!


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    egghunt said,

    Hey! you should be darn proud of your embryos. Honestly, not very many people get 100% fert rate so the fact that they’ve gotten this far is a MASSIVE hurdle to get over, it’s really really REALLy good news!!
    Re: bedrest, my clinic are like yours they just say take it easy but don’t prescribe to total bedrest, by the sounds of things you’ve had a rough egg retrieval with all the pain you are in, you poor thing.
    Still crossing my fingers for you that your embies continue to develop perfectly, congratulations on the successes so far!

  2. 3

    myndful said,

    Have to agree with egghunt…100% fert rate is outta sight! Congrats on that!

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