We are set

I got the call this afternoon from nurse A, we are good to go on Saturday.  I take my HCG injection tonight at 11:30 PM, I think I can stay up late for this one.  We are to arrive at the hospital at 8:30 AM on Saturday, with the procedure scheduled for 10:30.  I can’t believe we are finally here, it has been such a long journey.  It was 28 months ago we started trying, 22 months since we found out I am fertile and started semen analysis, 14 months since C’s varicocele surgery and 8 months since we were told IVF w/ICSI was our only option.  It was a journey I never expected to have to take, but now that we are here, I am very thankful the option is available to us and for all of the support from friends and family along the way.

It feels like a weight has been lifted, I know we still have a very important part of the journey left, but leading up to this part it feels like you are always waiting for that other shoe to drop.  In fact today, waiting for the nurse to go over the ultrasound results, I got a huge sense of dread!  I just felt like in the last 24 hours something bad came up and we are going to have to delay again.  I know it is senseless that something could go wrong so quickly, but I couldn’t chase that feeling away.  I was so excited when nurse A told me it was a great cycle, everything looks good and we are set.  She was even excited for us, and that was great to see, it made me feel good that she was invested in this, too.  While we have had a few issues with the clinic, lab and their processes, I have always liked the people and today reaffirmed that for me.

Tomorrow I get a break from injections and blood work and ultrasounds, C took the day off and we are going to enjoy ourselves.  We have a few things to take care of, such as a trip to the vet for both the cat and dog, and I do have to stop at the clinic because I don’t have any of the 18 gauge needles for the PIO so they are giving me a few, but otherwise the day is ours!  Maybe a movie, lunch at a restaurant we have been wanting to try and just enjoying a stress free day together.  I am looking forward to it!


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  1. 1

    ML said,

    Happy Birthday. This will be a memorable one!

  2. 2

    myndful said,

    Wow. It really is a huge milestone, isn’t it? One step away from your babies going back in your belly to find a good home and snuggle in for the next 9 months (well, 38 weeks or so).

    We certainly screw with our own heads, don’t we? Worry, worry, worry. But you made it. Congrats!

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