More shots!!

Well, not the best news at my checkup today, but not bad news either (unless you consider one to two more days of IM injections bad news).  When I finished the injections on day eight and again today, I announced to C, “Yea! Last ones!”  They weren’t the last ones, so I think I will keep my mouth shut tomorrow.  I have six follicles that are ready to go, ranging in size from 17-20mm.  There are at least four more that are 14-15mm, then a few more 11-12mm.   When the nurse walked in with more Menopur and Gonal-F, I said “More?”  She said she felt so bad giving it to me, like she is torturing me.  I got two days worth of meds, but they think I will just need the one.  I go back for another ultrasound tomorrow morning to see if the smaller follicles have grown.  They don’t think the 11-12mm ones will catch up, but I am going to will them to grow so we have as many to work with as possible!!  As of right now, we are still set for ER on Saturday, but if they decide tomorrow that I need one more day of stims it will get pushed to Sunday.  I asked about the ET; originally they were going to do day five ET, but now they are doing day three which means Tuesday or Wednesday.  We are a week away from this part of the process being over!!  Yea!!  Then it is just the waiting game, which I will deal with when the time comes.  I am excited and really feel the end is in sight, even with an additional day or two of stims.

So the plan again today is to take it easy, I am still really bloated and really uncomfortable.  My lower back aches and I get little twinges of pain in my ovaries from time to time.  The ultrasound hurt again, and I was in some pain for at least a half hour afterwards, but I am feeling a little better now.  I just keep telling myself my body is preparing itself for pregnancy and it is all good!  I will be here, laying on the couch, waiting for the call about my bloodwork.  Then repeat the whole process tomorrow.

**Update:  The nurse called about a half hour ago with the blood work results, it all looks good.  No more Menopur, yea!  Just the 5 IU of Lupron and 450 IU of Gonal-F tomorrow morning.  Meanwhile, I am relaxing and telling my body to grow that last group of eggs!


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    myndful said,

    Ugh! So sorry about the extra shots. I don’t envy you. But, the upside is maybe you’ll get a few extra eggs out of it and maybe that will make all the difference. I can’t believe you are so close! I’ll be doing ER about when you’re doing ET! So, so exciting!

    • 2

      Oh well! Surprisingly I wasn’t that disappointed when the nurse told me, I was happy that I have several more that are that close. I am at the point where the light at the end of the tunnel just keeps getting brighter and I am exited about it! We are both so very close! Nothing but very positive thoughts for both of us!

  2. 3

    egghunt said,

    Glad you are staying so positive through this – good on you. And you are right, it’s not really bad news at all that you are on the meds for a couple of extra days… it’s quite common to have a few extra days like you are having and in the end it just means those eggies will be perfect come ER time!

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