I had a dream

Do you ever have those dreams that feel so real that when you wake up you question whether it actually happened?  I had one of those last night (or rather early this morning).  I dreamt I was pregnant.  Like most Tuesday mornings, C got up very early to leave for NYC.  When it’s close to time for him to leave I usually drift between sleep and awake so I can say goodbye before he goes.  While I was waiting, and obviously asleep, I had a dream that he came in to say goodbye.  I was laying on my back with my hands on my belly and realized I could feel a small, slightly hard bump and told him to feel it.  It was the first time you could really tell that I was pregnant,  that you could actually feel my pregnant belly.  It wasn’t until later this morning that I remembered the dream, but it was very real.  I know I was actually laying on my back with my hands on my belly waiting for him to say goodbye while I was drifting in and out.  I hope this dream was a premonition!


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    egghunt said,

    Definately take that dream as a good sign! 🙂

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