Seven down!

This morning I took my 7th set of stims!  I only have enough for one more injection each of the Gonal-F and Menopur, I will take them tomorrow morning before my 7:45 appointment at the clinic.  I am hoping the rest of the follicles are the right size and maybe a few more have shown up.  I know it is good that I will have at least the two and probably five, but I was hoping for a little more.  I wanted enough so that we had two or three viable embryos to transfer this time and a few more to freeze.  But  I am thankful for what we do get, no matter what.  It is exciting to feel like the end is in sight.  I can’t wait for the appointment tomorrow and will need to find something to do all day while waiting for the phone call.  I am also curious to find out if I will continue the Lupron beyond tomorrow or what.  I told the nurse on Saturday that I only had enough of the Gonal-F and Menopur to get me through Monday and she said that is fine.  I asked if I would be adding the Ganirelex or the Luveris, she said no the Lupron takes care of those two.  I am a little confused because I thought I would be staking the stims and the Lupron right up until I take the HCG injection, but sounds like that is not the case.  If they do the ER on Saturday, that means I will take the HCG on Thursday; that is two or three days without the stims.  I am going to trust they know what they are talking about, as they are the experts not me.   Looking forward to my last IM shots tomorrow!!  (At least until I start the PIO)


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    egghunt said,

    hmmm, I would have thought you’d continue taking your drugs until the day before you trigger. Thats what i’ve always done. But sometimes the clinics only give you a small amount of drugs in the beginning because they never really know how you’re going to react to them and some people need more or less time on the stims. So maybe they’ll give you more drugs when you see them tomorrow?? Either way, you’re right… they know what they are doing. Are you having another scan tomorrow? Good luck!

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    myndful said,

    I’m on stims up until trigger day as well I think, but each clinic has their own practices. Hard not to compare to what you’ve heard, but I agree with you, they know what they are doing. You have to trust them. 🙂

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    myndful said,

    I have to correct myself. Currently I am NOT scheduled to stim on the day of trigger. My last day of stims is the day before trigger. So by ER I will have been off stims for 2+ days. Is that similar to your scenario?

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      It is similar now, they have given me extra days of meds as they have added days. Originally I was out of meds after Monday’s shots and they said that was OK, what they neglected to tell me was that they were setting aside additional meds for me. If they do the retrieval on Saturday, I take my last stims & the HCG on Thursday.

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