Ouch & oh no!

So I got up at 6:30 this morning to get my injections ready, that all went smoothly today.  I started with the Lupron injection again, I know it might make sense to save the easiest for last, but once I get the two IMs done, I just want to be done.  The Lupron went well, I feel like an old pro at that one by now.  Then I did the Gonal-F, no problem (again, very thankful for the ice pack!), now time for the Menopur.  It went in without a problem, I pulled back on the plunger a little, I saw no blood, so I started to push it in.  Man did it hurt!!  I pushed through the pain and finished the injection and pulled out the syringe.  The blood came a gushing!  I was able to get it stopped fairly quickly, but it had bled quite a bit.  Then I noticed in the syringe a little blood, I couldn’t see it when I had the syringe stuck in my backside!  My immediate thought was “Oh no!”  I must have gone through a vein!  What is going to happen?  I realized I can’t be the only person who has ever done this, I was able to stop the bleeding fairly easily, if I am not feeling some immediate bad effects I think I will be OK.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I am definitely more sore today because of that oops, and got an instant bruise.  A few times I have felt a little woozy and a little nauseous, but I still walked the dog and went to the grocery store, so I think I am OK.  I will definitely be a lot more careful from now on and probably have a hand mirror handy too (instead of just the wall mirror).  Hope tomorrow goes better than today!


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    egghunt said,

    Ouch, yes i’ve had the blood gushing injection site too. You are right, you’re not the first to do it, in fact i’d be suprised if any IVF patient has gone WITHOUT doing it! Quite scary when it happens but sometimes it seems unavoidable. Even when I used a mirror sometimes I still got it in the wrong spot. My clinc didn’t seem too worried though, I think it just makes it more painful for us, but doesn’t actually affect the result. Before no time you’ll be injecting yourself in your sleep as it does get easier. I find the less I think about it the better…. just get in and get the job done and move on. Good luck!

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      I read your comment right before I did my injections this morning and it was just what I needed! Thank you!! Just knowing I’m not alone and hearing you say it gets easier, just get in and get the job done helps so much!

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