I am terrified!

It hit me tonight as I was getting out my new meds for tomorrow morning.  I am terrified about starting the IM injections.  The needle is huge!  I have to use a syringe to get the Gonal-F out of the pen so I can inject into the muscle – what if I screw that up?   It’s going to hurt!  What if I hit a blood vessel?  Am I going to be able to do this on my own when my husband isn’t able to be here?  It overwhelmed me and brought me to tears while I was making dinner.  I am trying to be positive and tell myself that it will be OK, people do it every day!  I am thrilled that Charlie is going into work a little later so he can be here for the first one.  Funny thing is, I am more stressed about this part than I am about getting pregnant.  I feel confident that the IVF is going to work and we are going to get the baby we want.  I guess I can look at it this way, if I am able to get through the IM shots (I think after the first few days it will get easier), the rest will be a breeze!


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    ML said,

    Advice from another Soultype 8 whom you’ve never met, but loves you anyway. She says she would be terrified, too.
    Make an agreement with your body. The agreement can sound like: “This is what we want and this is what we need to do. It’s okay. It doesn’t have to be so bad. Make friends with the needle. It’s not your enemy. It’s there to help you. Hold it, caress it, press it to your skin before the shot, breathe, let your body adjust at its own pace. It’s okay to be scared, keep breathing.

    Ask C to take really deep slow breaths with you.

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