Stressful morning…

We have been back from the doctor for a few hours and I think we have both calmed down a little.  It was less than a pleasant experience!  First off, because the IVF lab at the hospital changed their protocol and the clinics now have to fit all of their patients into a block of time, the clinic was crazy busy and felt a little chaotic.  The ultrasound went fine, quick and painless.  Then the needle came, for some reason that was incredibly painful this time, I don’t know if the nurse hit a nerve or what, but my arm ached down to my wrist for about 45 minutes afterward.  Then we sat down with the other nurse to go over my new “updated” schedule, this seems to keep changing slightly which adds to the stress.  Now I have 3 more days of the 20 units of Lupron; if we get the go ahead this afternoon then I start the new meds on Monday (which I was originally supposed to start today).  I go back next Saturday morning for another ultrasound and blood tests, hopefully at that point we will get an idea of when they will do the retrieval.  The nurse told us they are starting retrievals on October 6th or 7th, so it should be within a week of that.  I really hope that because I am fertile and all of my numbers have been good so far (we were diagnosed with male factor infertility) that I am at the earlier end of their “block” in the lab.  After meeting with the nurse, we went up front to schedule for Saturday and take care of the bill; that’s when the big shock came!  We owed the full $11,600 today!!!  We were not prepared for that and were not told it would be due today.  Thankfully I had my credit card with me to cover it, but it put both Charlie and me in a bad mood.  It has felt like everything has been such a hassle with this process and no real clarity throughout.  I wish we had done more research on different clinics before we chose this one.  But I love my OB/GYN and she recommended them, so I went with it.  I really think their process needs some serious tweaking.  I haven’t actually seen the doctor in four months; we were originally supposed to start the IVF cycle in late June/early July, but then the lab was closed in July and started their new process in August, they didn’t know that was going to happen when we talked about the schedule in April?; not knowing ahead of time that we would have to pay $11,600 today, it just has been a mess.  I am not sure what others experiences have been like, are there any that have felt this screwy?  For a procedure where I need to control my stress level for optimal success, it sure has created a ton of stress on its own.  I think I am through venting for a little while, I need to go take the dog for a walk to relieve some more stress.  I will update when I hear from the nurse later this afternoon.


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    myndful said,

    Ick. That is a horribly stressful morning and to be honest, I’d like to know what clinic you use so I can never, ever go there. You are paying a lot of money, this is a very emotional journey, and the way they have handled things is not only extraordinarily unprofessional, it’s downright rude. Were it me, I would make it clear how I feel and would feel quite justified in doing so. Wonder if there is a rating site out there for infertility clinics? We get the SART reports with all the stats about success rates, but I don’t know of any site that actually reflects people’s experiences at the clinic. Considering most of pay out of pocket, we have a right to expect a higher quality of care and consideration for how emotional this process is. Sure would be nice if there was some sort of “review” website that would eventually hit them in the pocket book, or perhaps, give them insight into how their practice is viewed.

    Certainly hoping for your benefit that this is the last of their antics and that the rest of your cycle is uncomplicated, as stress-free as it can be, and most importantly – successful 🙂

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