Phase one done…I hope

Today was day 10 of my 20 unit Lupron injections, hopefully this part is over.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 7:45 for another ultrasound and blood work, if all looks good and my hormone levels are in line we move on to phase two.  While this is exciting and one step closer to the egg retrieval, it is scary because the next step involves a whole lot more medication; and they all are the intramuscular injections from here on out!  Charlie is coming with to the appointment, I am thrilled he will be there.  But the one part of this process that really stresses him out is the money, especially with me being unemployed right now.  My insurance doesn’t cover anything once we were done with the diagnosis part, so now we are paying for everything on our own.  Charlie’s insurance has a $5000 lifetime limit for infertility treatments, but because all of the procedures from here on out are done to me it really doesn’t help us out.  I know tomorrow’s appointment is going to be between $800 & $900 and I am not looking forward to standing next to him when they tell me that.  Oh well, we knew it was going to be expensive going in.  It feels a bit unfair that we have to pay so much to get something that others get for free, I am a huge supporter of any effort to get insurance coverage for fertility treatments!  Enough of that for now.  Wish me luck for tomorrow!!


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    myndful said,

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! Looks like you are off to a great start yourself!

    Wishing you best of luck tomorrow. May everything look as perfect as can be. 🙂

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