Just a day, just an ordinary day

Today was a day when I actually wasn’t mostly focused on the fertility game.  I counted weeks to see when the baby would be due if the IVF works (some would say not a good idea), I took my shot when I was supposed to, but otherwise my mind was elsewhere.  It is a nice break to have a day like this, unfortunately when you have been trying to get pregnant for two years it is easy to get a little obsessive.  I can’t help it, I want to be a mom so badly.  It’s why when people tell you to “just relax, it will happen” that it is a load of crap!  They tell you as soon as you stop trying it will happen, bull!  When you have been trying your brain becomes programmed to think about it, you know where you are at in your cycle at all times, you know when you are ovulating, it is impossible not to think about.  As sad as it was to find out IVF was our only option to become pregnant, it was also a relief.  We finally knew; there is a medical reason as to why we hadn’t become pregnant and now we can do something about it.


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