Derailed on the baby track

Allow me to introduce myself…

Well, I am getting started on this a little later than planned, so I will start with my back story.   My name is Julia, my husband is Charlie (not really, I am using aliases due in part to the personal nature of what I will be discussing and in part to our careers).    Like many women, I have always wanted children; I knew I was born to be a mother.  When my husband and I started dating I was very glad he shared my desire for children.  As our wedding approached we started to discuss when we would start trying to get pregnant (we had some family tell us it would be OK to be a couple of months pregnant at the wedding!), we got a good laugh out of that.   Charlie knew I was anxious to get started because of my age, I was 36 when we got married.  We were taking our honeymoon six months after the wedding; we chose that as our start date.  That was more than two years ago now and still no baby.  We have spent the last 22 months visiting doctors, having blood drawn, Charlie even had surgery to try to fix a problem; still no luck.  This past January, while consulting with the fertility specialist we were seeing, we found out IVF was going to be our only chance at pregnancy.  In the midst of all of this, I also lost my job.  So, needless to say, life has taken quite a few turns we didn’t expect.


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